Seoul Van Taxi

Book for Seoul  Jumbo Van Taxi Per Day Rate for moving within Seoul city any places.

Should be pickup from Seoul, then move in Seoul city, and drop off in Seoul city.

8 service hours a day rate in Seoul / Move any places within Seoul city / Toll or parking fees ( your self pay )

korea taxi service

Seoul Jumbo Taxi

Passenger van taxi, up to 5 passengers with 5 bags
Incheon Airport Taxi Service
Seoul Taxi Service

van taxi for 6 persons

Seoul Taxi

Air conditioned in summer / heated in winter
Convenient seats
Good for long distance moving

Price of this car for moving in any places within Seoul city

Per Day Rate

Move Any Places within Seoul city
$ 240
1 day
  • 8 service hours a day rate in Seoul city moving around
  • Move any places within Seoul city
  • Toll or parking fees ( extra to pay )
  • Pickup, Move, Drop off in Seoul city in a day
  • Deposit $50

    Pay by credit card when to book.
    Free cancellation for 3 days advance notice.

  • Balance $190

    Pay by Cash on Service date when driver pickup. You can pay either US $ or KRW cash

  • Parking fee $ you pay

    Parking fee is 3rd party charged fees.
    IF NO fees happen, NO need to pay.
    IF it needs to pay, your self pay for its actual amount.

Custom Itinerary

For Any other city travel in Korea
$ Ask Price
1 day
  • Your custom itinerary
  • Price is depending on on where to visit
  • For other city - Ask the price
  • IF Pickup, Move, Drop off locations are out of Seoul city.
Out of Seoul

Fill out below form to book with above price scheme for moving any places within Seoul city.

Seoul Jumbo Taxi Van

VAN taxi $50 deposit prepaid form
Balance due amount should pay on service date when we pickup. Need to pay either US $ or equivalent KRW amount by cash. Pay to driver when he pickup your group.

Info : Pay minimum deposit amount as above US $50 for car service reservation.

This form is book for Van taxi, moving within Seoul city area up to 8 service hours a day.
You can visit anywhere you want to visit within given hours a day.

Deposit amount should pay when to book – US $50 deposit amount

⇒  Balance amount should pay when driver pickup – Pay either US $190 or KRW ( equivalent US $ amount, exchange rate will apply when to book. Will inform you the KRW amount after book done ).

If you are looking for private car rental with driver service, you may contact Seoul van rental with driver company in Korea.

Seoul taxi service