Frequently Asked Questions

Review this FAQs to understand our service well before you do booking. You can get more information about our premium taxi services in Korea, Seoul, Incheon.  If you have other questions other than below, contact us via booking form mail, then we will answer you shortly.

Do I have to make a reservation in advance ?
Yes, please.  We are working ONLY for advance reservation base, not usual for instant dispatch as rush. To maintain the service level high, we are scheduleing all operational queue several days advance.
How do I find you at the airport when I arrive ?
Driver will holding your name picket at the arrival gate after passing last procedure of airport , which is custom clearance process after baggage claim. see this to know the  pick up location at the airport
If the arrival time is delay over ETA, what can I do ?
We are monitoring the dashboard of airport authority announced of all flight schedules, so we are able to aware your delay in advance.  So, you do not worry anything, we will match the time of your arrival time.  You just follow the procedures of airport immigration process, then walk out the hall way, then find your name picket of your arrival gate.  There, you can find your name picket. The person who holding your name picket is the driver who is going to serve you.
What is the payment methods ? How do I pay ?
You can pay cash by Korea Won after reaching your destination place.
Can I pay credit card after reaching the place that I want ?
Sorry, the taxis are not having such system in the car.  Most of taxis are accpeting the Korea local credit card, but not usual for foreign credit card.  It is much simple and easy to pay KRW cash.  Accepting the international foreign credit card may some troubles to process by taxi credit card payment system.  Also your credit card is not authorized to process in Korea local taxi credit card machine. 
How do I cancel my booking ? What is the cancellation policy ? Are there any penalty of cancellation ?
Cancellation more than 3 business working days advance ( Service Day + 3 days ), there will be full refund of your deposit amount what you paid upfront amount for your booking.  Cancellation for less than 3 business working days, sorry for no refund. The reason for no refund less than 3 days advance cancellation is we are assigning the car with driver in advance. After assigning the car with driver for your service opeartion, the same car with driver is not able to assign other tasks.  It means even you do not ride the service, the same resource ( car with driver ) is not able to assign other tasks.  This is the way we can maintain the service level higher other than any local taxis in Korea.  Advance reservation and managed, scheduled service operation are the core of keeping the service level accurate.  Late cancellation or failure to do so will result in no refund consequently.  We thanks to your understanding on this policy. 
Do you provide the phone number and driver name in advance after booked your service ?
Yes, we are providing the driver’s information in advance after you complete your booking.  Such information can release only for those clients who were completed the booking fees in advance.  Fist step is to complete your taxi service reservation with your deposit payment in advance when you book. Then we will release that information after verifying all your requests is valid and minimum guarantee by yourself for using our service.   
I left something in the car, What shall I do ?
Don’t worry. Just make sure you left something in the car. If you sure it is left at the car that you used, then just drop us an email or call the driver’s phone number  or call our control office, so we ensure to make it return to you properly.  If it needs to send overseasm, then you have to agree paying the freight cost to return it to you.    
How long does it take from the incheon airport to Seoul ?
It is taking about 60 minute after you ride on the car from the incheon airport to Seoul downtown.  Some complex traffic areas in Seoul will take more time due to traffic. Some places like Gangnam area, the traffic is unpredictable, so be sure to understand its additional time for some specific time zone such as commuting time zone, sudden heavy traffic.     
What is waiting time charge and how it apply for pick up in the airport after arrival ?
Incheon airport is the well known airport to process all necessary immigrant procedure fast in the world airport. Usually, most of process will be complete less than 45 minute ( some time less than 30 min ).  We do not charge anyt extra fee less than 1 hour 20 minute waiting after landing your flight.  But if you taking more time over 1 hours 30 minute, then there will be additional charge krw 20,000 per an hour.  The waiting time rate is similiar amount to taxi minimum hourly rate. As long as you following the rules of Incheon airport authority and immigrant procedure, then it won’t take more than 1 hour you to complete all airport procedures.    

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