Steps to follow to get the refund by cancelling your  taxi service.

1.  Email us your cancellation notice

First step is to send your email. Cancellation notice should made by Email, not by phone.

2.  Accept you cancellation notice

Accepting your email and will give you acknowledgement email for the cancellation of your taxi service.

3.   Revoke your reservation

Will do our local process to release all assigned resources as free. ( such as taxi and driver that are assigned to you )

4.  Refund will made accordingly

We will refund you the amount by applying below refund guideline and policy.

Refund policy for your taxi service cancellation.

Cancellation Classification same day Cancellation  1 ~3 days advance Cancellation 4 ~  7 days advance Cancellation 8 ~ 14 days advance Cancellation 15+ days advance Cancellation
Refund % of paid amount ( by your cancellation ) 0%

Penalty : 100 % of agreed fare will charge you consequently

0% 30% 60% 100 %
if we cancel your service  – Our company cancellation 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %
Counting the days :  Accepted cancellation requested date should be a Korea date and Korea local date and time, not your local country date and time. Cancellation date will be recognized as the official date we received your cancellation request date and email time stamped by our local server system date and time. Please be make sure to understand this counting date of cancellation. Cancellation and Amendment on your reservation will brings some inconveniences to each parties together.


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