Incheon Airport Taxi Price

Schemes of Incheon Airport Taxi Service Fare.
( how do we charge the fare ? )

You may select the one of below alternatives among our taxi fare calculation methods.

Airport transportation only

Choose this fare plan if you need only airport transportation. You have to provide all detail information of your fight info, arrival time or departure time of flight, pick up time, destination, # of passengers and name of person.

Daily flat rate ( Upfront pricing for pre declared and announced itinerary )

Choose this car fare plan if you have predefined daily itinerary that is permanently fixed by you.

In order to apply fixed daily rate, you have to declare all of your intended daily itinerary detail. Once we confirm your itinerary detail, we will give you the price quotation by synchronizing your schedules. Then, you can get all price info without any hidden charge from us. You feel comfortable during your trips and you do not worry about sudden additional pricing up in this fare base method.

Metered fare base by hours to use

Choose this car fare plan if you are not sure about your moving schedule or if you have flexible daily schedule by sudden change on your demand.

This fare scheme is good when you do not have any predefined itinerary. All taxi service operation will perform based on your instant request on the road while you are using our services. Driver will bring you to the places that you want to visit in Korea. All fare will calculate by taxi meter. Taxi meter system is authorized fare calculation system that is certified by Korea Government. Have to aware the waiting time is also chargeable fare and its waiting time will measured consequently by meter.

Multiple days dedicated service by fixed daily rate ( upfront negotiated fixed price )

Choose this car fare plan if you have pre-defined multiple daily itineraries that are permanently fixed by you.

By announcing your multiple day schedules in advance, we will quote you the total price and its detail of terms and conditions of our taxi services. You can get the designated taxi services by fixed and agreed price. You can avoid any sudden or hidden taxi fare that is not recognized by you in advance.

Our car service price structure is working only above alternatives. Like above simple operational schemes, you may select whatever you would like to take among possible fare calculation methods.

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